Thursday, January 12, 2012

black magic

It looks like I spoke too soon-we are now officially covered in snow. 

Sometimes I feel that my closet is overwhelmingly black, but especially in weather like this, I really love black-it gives me the edge I need to brave the elements.  Loving the all black look today.

looks for everyday
photos from: vougeandcoffee and pinterest


  1. These looks are absolutely perfect.

    Minted Magazine

  2. I feel the exact same was about my closet -- it is ENTIRELY black. I should really post one day on the way my closet looks. haha. It's kind of funny to see it next to my boyfriend's wardrobe. His - on one half of the closet - has all sorts of color and print. Switch to my half -- muted blacks, grays, ivory, and more blacks. I do play with texture, but not color. Hehe.


    1. i couldn't agree more!! I would much rather play with texture as well!!


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